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Shifting Matter show at Form gallery

Reminiscence, 2020.

A group show featuring work by Gitanjali Bhatt, Rachel Burke, Georgia Clapshaw, Celine Frampton, Lexi Kerr, Elise McDermott and Ashleigh Tuck.

Our contemporary climate is one of unrest and disintegration, caught in flux between the order, optimism and progress of modernism, and the unstable individualistic relativism of post modernism. How does an artist proceed when the traditional structures of belief and thought have been dismantled? Globally diametric viewpoints are valued, but unable to be truly lived-out in the harmonious fashion we envision. Human nature seeks new things, but it is impossible to move forward without referencing the past.

The artists in this show present a range of creative approaches to this metamodern philosophy, visually and conceptually. Just as history is constantly moving and developing in time, the way we see it is retrospectively shifting. Even still, solid objects are constantly vibrating and moving on an atomic level. The act of deconstruction and reconstruction allows us to take this fresh look at the past – whether that be the past life of a material, an existing form of craft, a concept, or the expected functionality of an object. In holding alternative/opposing materials, forms, times, and ideas in metaxy, the artists in Shifting Matter are embracing the tension of being both critical of what we know and understand, while engaging in the fundamentally hopeful act of meaningful creation.

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