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Georgia Clapshaw is an artist in Auckland, New Zealand. She completed her BFA in 2020 at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.  

She is predominantly an acrylic painter as it allows her to work quickly and gesturally, layering brushstrokes to create abstractions and vibrant colour stories.

She has a special interest in conceptual art that tries to make sense of the inner workings of the mind. She attempts to convert these abstract ideas into a more tangible and visual aesthetic. More specifically themes of the human experience and non-linear time.

This fascination has led to a focus on creating paintings based off old photographs and amalgamating multiple images into one final work. The way she paints aims to capture the way a memory sits in the mind, fluxing and blending with others.

She has recently expanded her practice to commission work, creating a unique abstract paintings from the clients chosen photographs and color scheme.

Her signature style emerges in vibrant, large scale paintings full of gesture and abstractions.


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