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BFA Graduation Show

Georgia Clapshaw 
Acrylic on canvas 



...Without elimination, both a new world 
And the old made explicit, understood 
In the completion of its partial ecstasy, 
The resolution of its partial horror. 
Yet the enchantment of past and future... 

- Burnt Norton, T.S. Eliot 


Memories are funny things; some are held loosely, others grasped tightly, but all inevitably morph over time. Different versions emerge of the night in Freddy’s Icehouse, the disastrous Australia trip, and the last happy picnic before the friendship fell to pieces. When recalling something, a new version of that memory is formed, unique and current. This now belongs simultaneously to the past, where the first version was formed, and the present, where the most recent resides. Photographs can be considered solid manifestations of memories and reference points for recalling past times and events. I’m interested in the contrast between the fixing nature of a photograph and the fluidity of a recollection in the mind. I attempt to play these off each other to create works in a fluxing tension

between the two. I paint in a gestural and loose fashion to subvert this fixing and focus on evoking specific moments. 

Two steaming mugs of pomegranate tea, a drunken ferry ride and a urine-soaked backpack. Tracing moments and creating new ones with paint, allowing past and present to exist in the same space. Despite the titles and pre-loaded context, the abstracted nature of the works aims to locate them in the liminal space between potential meanings. 

This body of work approaches the painted canvas with a light-heartedness that speaks to the unavoidable messiness of life, including but not limited to break-ups, ill-advised decisions, and seemingly foolproof plans that go horribly awry. An ode to living life and the past moments that live within, in their fluxing and fragmented glory.  



Works L to R:  
Romantic Gesture/Carpark Breakup  
Last Holiday Beneath the Pines 
Moving to Australia (for a Month) 
Freddy’s Icehouse   

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